Rest, Breathe, Take care of yourself and enjoy the retreat

Wholefood Cooking with Bénédicte

Healthy and gourmet meals

Intuitive Yoga & Méditation

with Florence, an awakening of the spine.

Just hapiness !

An exquisite stay in the heart of Intuitive Yoga & Creative Cuisne


GeorgiosEntrepreneur, Santorin, Greece

“A wonderful yoga retreat within a wonderful natural context. Bénédicte et Florence form a very good team that is competent, knowledgeable, fun, humane and French ! I loved the yoga classes organised by Florence both in terms of the content and the work.
Florence give great attention to adapt the practice to the needs of every participant.
I enjoyed the food prepared by Bénédicte and also the realtime ateliers.
i would recommend this retreat and I hope I would join the next one.”

Sylvie GsellSoin aromatouch - massages bien-être

“Coming every morning on the yoga mat was difficult. The first part seemed long and the second part fast. I am very proud of myself for being able to come every morning.”

Adeline Vincent Business Coach

“Flexibility, relaxation & savours were here. A beautiful entrance in the summer ...
Thank you for all the sharing!”

Stéphane DozierPastry trainer - L'atelier de Stéphane

“Destabilizing retreat. Food, Yoga, meditation ... everything is the opposite of my usual life!
Thank you”

Alain KourisYoung retired !

“I had a wonderful and very rewarding week.
For Yoga: I learned to be more supple and in harmony with my body.
For the kitchen: I met the spices, vegetables that will bring me a multitude of flavors in my dishes.
A very big thank you and hat down for your investment and for the organization developed for the well-being of all.”

Laura GonthierSuper Boss à La Petite Académie de Montpellier

“A big thank you Flo & Béné for your kindness and your exitment to make us live new experiences.
A new universe opened to me in the kitchen. I cannot wait to get involved and enjoy !
As for Yoga, I really hope to continue to move my body in gentleness, benevolence and relaxation. It has suffered so much ... it is no longer possible !
I continue my journey more relaxed, with my "air bubble" and my buds' curiosity !”

Dates & infos for the next retreats

Intuitive Yoga and meditation classes, gourmet and healthy meals, rest, relaxation, massage and leisure time ...

6 - 16 July 2019
Exquisite stay in the heart of yurts - Intuitive Yoga & Creative cuisine -
South of France
August 2019
Intuitive Yoga , Meditation & Cuisine discovery
Bali, Indonésie
July 2020
Intuitive yoga, meditation and Cuisine vitality & discovery
Santorini, Greece

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