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Here some of my students relate their experience with Anuka Yoga and the benefits  they get out of it.


Mathieu 1:15

Used to practice a lot of sport using force and tension, Mathieu discovered the subtlety of the spine i.e the global approach that Anuka Yoga is.

Justine 3:10

Justine choose the mini-groupe first then moved to the one one one because of the personnalisation and the holistic appraoch that the Anuka Yoga offers.

Jeff 5:28

After 20 years in Rugby, Jeff started Anuka Yoga because his body  was sore, a regular sore back and some pain in the cervicals. At 43 years old he decided that  he couldn’t keep going like this.  After about 2-3 weeks of  weekly one on one classes all the pains were gone but Jeff kept going and comes every week for his general well being.


I am so delighted to have found Florence. I had previously studied ‘yoga intuitif’, which I know as Scaravelli Inspired yoga, with other teachers but couldn’t find a teacher of this style who lived close to me in France. When I made contact with Florence, I knew this was going to be the start of something wonderful. She embodies all that I know of this yoga style, you can see it in the way she moves, it is the true nature of yoga, union of mind, body and spirit. Her teaching is ‘hands on’, guiding your attention to where you need to release, connect or be free. With her guidance, you feel safe to explore without the risk of going too far beyond your body’s limits. Each time I learn more, as my body slowly starts to respond to this natural, explorative, gentle and yet progressive style of yoga. Thank you Florence, I am enjoying the journey.

Laraine BridgesProfesseure de Yoga

I would like to thank you for this rewarding week that we just spent together. This week of Yoga, as you teach it, was so benefic to me. Quickly, I felt some changes in my body especially my right foot which started to relaxed. I also understood that to straighten the back you do not twist the spine the other way but you activate the spine. I do not sit the same now and my back feels good. When I practice alone your advises resonnate in my head and everything becomes easy. I hope to renew this experience soon. You are a wonderful meet.

Josette André 73 ans

Totally delighted with my intensive Yoga course with Florence in early July. I finally found a yoga that I like and that makes sense. I learned to use my spine rather than straining my joints and tendons. It was a complete experience of discovery and understanding of my body and its balance, the mat being my laboratory.
Florence is a very pleasant and passionate person who explains very well the path that leads us to postures that I would never have imagined achieving. I am happy to have started with a whole week. This allowed me to integrate her explanations and techniques to the point of having changed my habits of postures and movements in my everyday life and also to have enough confiance (even if I am a beginner) to practice alone at home while waiting for my next Yoga week. Unfortunately I don't live near her or I will go every week!
Thank you Florence for your exciting lessons and see you soon.

Honorine André Gauthier

A gentle approach to yoga, done without constrain but in self-love. It is a pleasure to have discovered this practice which heals the body and the spirit by inviting us to live the present more intensely. Florence is involved, caring, sensitive, which makes her the perfect teacher of this art. For a first approach, the group lesson is perfect. It allows you to familiarize yourself with the basics of Anuka Yoga and the understanding that Florence has about Yoga. I then went to the mini-group classes because I felt the need to refine my practice while continuing to share with others. I finally decided a few months later to take individual lessons; The practice at home being more and more intuitive and effective, the individual course is the perfect format to continue to progress while being able to seek Florence's expertise and advice as often as possible. The exercises are adapted to your expectations and your abilities, Florence's attention to you is maximum, and her kindness frames the slightest movement of every postures. The perfect path for a gentle progression towards autonomy and pleasure in this practice with Florence.

Benjamin, Ingénieur en informatique et consultant

I had never considered yoga before because I imagined a very physical discipline when in fact I discovered an approach that allowed me to refocus on my body and its blockages while providing me with insights on some of my daily life's habits. I thank Florence for creatinga safe space with her listening and her presence. It is a wonderful discovery.

Valérie FaureCoach

Florence is a teacher engaged with her pratice. After a first class a little disconcerting for me ( as it was very different from what I knew : performance, aim,...), I became a dedicated student. Her pratice, her personnality give me a lot of energy, physically as well as psychologicaly . Her approach of the discipline helps me to recenter and come back to the essential. Her classes are now part of my balance. Thank you Florence.

Martine Closset, fondée de pouvoir à la Carsat

I would like to thanks Florence for introducing me to her interpretation of Yoga. I now understand how to go through the body to become conscious of the physical things that are happening around me.
Today I explore through a more natural movement, each time a new way that free my body from all the daily tensions !
I can only recommend to meet Florence at least once. The experience is to feel while letting yourself be present.

Charly AubertProject leader SMARTSIDE

I took individual classes with Florence and with each session I discovered new sensations in my body to move into lightness. Her advices are precious and her life's experience is fascinating.
If you are looking for a one on one or mini-group experience in Montpellier you found the right place.

Amandine OrriolsProfesseure de Yoga et fondatrice de Super Souper

Super yoga class in Montpellier ! Florence is a teacher who listens, explains and knows how to adapt to all her students. I recommend her without any hesitation.

Laure BarbazaFondatrice-Gérante FABIC : cuisines professionnelles partagées


When Florence awakes in the morning a new page of her life journal unfolds before her with the brightness that only the sun can dream of.

“Florence once discovered that love is key to the intimacy of the body, mind and soul relationship. Healthy living does not come out of books, teachings from others, it does come from the inner desire to fully express oneself in the joy and celebration of life. One has to discover oneself from the projection we experience unto life. Who we are is what we choose to live consciously every day, not sleepy or half conscious but fully awake. When Florence awakes in the morning a new page of her life journal unfolds before her with the brightness that only the sun can dream of. Her emotions, sentiments and feelings emerge through her whole being and connect her soul with the body that carries her to the places she visits.

Her development into the consciousness of life started some time ago with the courage to dive into the practice of yoga, the union of ourselves with life.
Florence’s destiny is simply the challenging and burning desire to make a difference in the world, to make a difference to people’s lives, regardless of their walk of life. From the oil rig worker to the executive, the abused adult to the drug addict, the pregnant woman to the child she meets everyone with their uniqueness and vulnerabilities. Florence serves you for who you truly are and supports you in your engagement in life.

Being born on christmas eve maybe adds to her generosity and whenever you wonder what authenticity looks like, then meet with Florence, she is the change agent that will make a difference to your life.”

Jean-François Basse - My love

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