Guided by love, her instinct and her curiosity for individuals, Florence Krol discovered Yoga 20 years ago.

Florence’s Yoga is based on intuition. She Practices  ” Anuka Yoga ” which allows the personne to be back at the centre of her own practice rather than the posture.  The posture is used only to find oneself, to create a space for inspiration and listening. It is not the aim.

Florence Krol

Mindful · Passionate · Present

Florence has a passion for human beings and the study of communities, and she starts her professional life as a lecturer in sociology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. At the same time she engages with and develops her yoga practice.

Yoga is a revelation and moves her into a new life paradigm beyond the confines of sociology. She decides to travel to India and train there as a yoga teacher. Yoga has been part of her daily routine for over 18 years. Florence has been teaching Yoga for almost 15 years.

Over the years Florence has learned as a practice how to maintain inner peace, remaining fit and overcome life challenges she has faced.

Practicing Intuitive yoga is both grounded and connected to spirit

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No need to force your body into a posture of yoga. It is the posture that will find you not the contrary.


Anuka Yoga is the apprenticeship of the alighment between the body, the mind and Gravity. It is certainly not a space for neither physical nor intellectual performance, feat or prowess.

Subtle listening

This Yoga engages you in the pratice of letting go. It is the art of listening, of feeling, of trusing the intelligence of the body in order to be up to your Self.


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“I took individual classes with Florence and with each session I discovered new sensations in my body to move into lightness. Her advices are precious and her life's experience is fascinating.
If you are looking for a one on one or mini-group experience in Montpellier you found the right place. ”

Amandine Orriols Yoga Teacher and founder of Super Souper

“Florence is a teacher engaged with her pratice. After a first class a little disconcerting for me ( as it was very different from what I knew : performance, aim,...), I became a dedicated student. Her pratice, her personnality give me a lot of energy, physically as well as psychologicaly . Her approach of the discipline helps me to recenter and come back to the essential. Her classes are now part of my balance. Thank you Florence. ”

Martine Closset

“I would like to thanks Florence for introducing me to her interpretation of Yoga. I now understand how to go through the body to become conscious of the physical things that are happening around me.
Today I explore through a more natural movement, each time a new way that free my body from all the daily tensions !
I can only recommend to meet Florence at least once. The experience is to feel while letting yourself be present. ”

Charly AubertProject manager

“I am so delighted to have found Florence. I had previously studied ‘yoga intuitif’, which I know as Scaravelli Inspired yoga, with other teachers but couldn’t find a teacher of this style who lived close to me in France. When I made contact with Florence, I knew this was going to be the start of something wonderful. She embodies all that I know of this yoga style, you can see it in the way she moves, it is the true nature of yoga, union of mind, body and spirit. Her teaching is ‘hands on’, guiding your attention to where you need to release, connect or be free. With her guidance, you feel safe to explore without the risk of going too far beyond your body’s limits. Each time I learn more, as my body slowly starts to respond to this natural, explorative, gentle and yet progressive style of yoga. Thank you Florence, I am enjoying the journey.”

Laraine BridgesYoga teacher

“Super yoga class in Montpellier ! Florence is a teacher who listens, explains and knows how to adapt to all her students. I recommend her without any hesitation. ”

Laure BarbazaFounder of La Fabic

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