What do you do to keep your spine active?

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That’s right, when do you think about your spine!

Still, do you brush your teeth well every day to keep them healthy?

Do you eat 2 to 3 meals a day, every day to restore your energy?

Do you walk regularly to maintain your muscles and your weight? …

But what are you doing for the most essential part of the harmonious functioning of your body: Your spine ?

Do you know that your spine represents the “central unit” of your body. It is the central axis, the one that allows movement and maintenance. Without it you don’t move!

The spine is actually the first part of our body that forms in the embryo.

Then your arms, your legs … the whole body develops from the spine. So if the spine does not move naturally, by itself, it loses its flexibility and power. A little like the neck of “women – Giraffes” in Thailand.


From a very young age, these young girls are put metal rings around their necks. The more rings the woman has, the more the other tribesmembers owe her respect. The problem is that if, for some reason these rings cut, the softened neck cannot hold the head and the woman dies. Indeed, no energy could irrigate the neck and make it strong and flexible at the same time. The spine is the same. If you don’t take care of it, it will deteriorate.

Is this so common for you to make an article of it, could you ask me?

It’s a bit like asking you : – “Do you have pain in your back, neck or above your shoulders?” – “Obviously!”

Our sedentary lifestyle requires us to use our bodies in tension.

Indeed, it is not natural to sit in a chair at the office, at school or in a car chair for hours. To be able to do this we force our muscles to tighten. After a while the muscles get used to being stressed and tense and forget that there is a position of relaxation. Muscle tension creates a ring that over time prevents the spine from remaining healthy, strong and flexible. Indeed, if the muscles along the back are tight, the spine has no more space to activate.

It’s a vicious circle that is created.

When the muscles are still tight, the spine begins to lose the habit of activating. Since she no longer knows how to activate, even when the muscles relax, she can’t take over. Then, the muscles return in tension. I would say that 100% of the people who come to see me are in this situation. I admit that this situation concerns me. The back is my physical weakness and my strength in my exploration on the path of Yoga

What to do to keep or restore the health of your spine?

The ideal is to observe a child and watch his free, fluid movements without restriction!

Good, but if you have no children to observe then well, you go on your carpet and you start to explore. 1. Sit on your mat and observe what happens when you relax the muscles along the back.

Your back bends, are you collapsing?

Well yes, but at the same time you found the ground. You are sitting on the floor. You have contact with the ground. 2. Well anchored in the ground, you create a lightness in the center of the spine, without losing contact with the ground. You bring up this lightness along the spine to find its activation.

Yes, you feel that the muscles along the back have worked. Finally !

The spine activates in both directions, towards the ground to keep your seat and towards the sky to bring the lightness that the upper body needs to move.

The biggest obstacle here is not your body but your mind.

Yes, simply because sitting in chairs for hours induces bad habits such as stretching  up or collapsing down. In both cases I am hurt.

Do the trees grow either down or up?

No !

Their roots and branches grow at the same time.

The solution is in the middle.

In the middle ? Indeed, exactly where the spine separates by going in 2 opposite directions, towards the coccyx and towards the cervical. Thus, it regains its natural space and lightness can go up and untie all tensions.

No more back pain.

My testimony

As I said above, I too had back problems. Finally, the problems are still there since I have 2 severe discopaties in the lower back. Two of my intervertebral discs are overwritten.

Normally, with a scanner like mine, moving is a miracle and the date of your operation is already in your calendar!

With my Anuka Yoga practice I have no pain. I sometimes feel a heaviness if I stay up for a long time or if I really walk a lot. All is relative. Last year I did a desert trek for 6 days with 7 hours of walking a day and my back was fine.

What do I do to keep my spine flexible and strong?

I go on my carpet and I explore the column exactly as I have just suggested to you to do it a little higher.

1. I watch what happens when I relax the muscles along the back. I find the ground. I sit on the floor. I create real and conscious contact with the ground.

2. From the ground, I bring lightness into the center of the column, without losing contact with the ground and I bring it along the column through its center and thus it activates.

I explore sitting, lying, standing, in all the postures I know. And now, voila. Well, it’s work anyway 🙂

So to take care of your column you go on your mat and you start to experiment with this exercise.

Tell me about your experience!

Merci d’avoir pris le temps de lire jusqu’ici. Je suis vraiment heureuse de t’avoir intéressé.

Je te souhaite une belle pratique et si tu as des questions, commentiares  ou que tu veux partager ton expérience n’hésite pas à tout écrire ici dans les commentaires.

Il n’y a pas de Yoga sans pratique personnelle

1 e-book, 1hebdo

My intention is to offer you the best of what I live and learn on this ‘s Anuka Yogapath , a boost to support your personal practice, alone at home.

Do not leave without becoming an insider!

Et maintenant une histoire à succès ...

A gentle approach to yoga, which will be done without constraint and in self-love.

A pleasure to have discovered this practice which heals the body and the spirit by inviting us to live the present more intensely. Florence is involved, caring, sensitive, which makes her the perfect teacher of this art. For a first approach, the group lesson is perfect. It allows you to familiarize yourself with the basics of anuka yoga and begin to understand what Florence explains. I then went to the mini-group classes because I felt the need to refine my practice while continuing to share with others our feedback. I finally decided a few months later to take individual lessons; The practice at home being more and more intuitive and effective, the one on one is the perfect format to continue to progress while being able to seek Florence’s expertise and advice as often as possible. The exercises are adapted to your expectations and your abilities, Florence’s attention to you is maximum, and her kindness frames the slightest movement of your postures. The perfect path for a gentle progression towards autonomy and pleasure in this practice with Florence.

Benjamin, IT engineer and consultant

And if we meet and this time in person ?

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